Truly the world first set top box

PRISMCUBE is truly the world first set top box that integrates both DVB-S2 Twin PVR and Media player seamlessly, using XBMC.

PRISMCUBE is a DVB-S2 twin-tuner set top box with a very compact and slim design. With the solid and cutting-edge technology that MARUSYS has mastered over the last decades in embedded Linux systems, it is designed to be a highly advanced HD Twin PVR. PRISMCUBE is a media player based on XBMC which is free and open source.
XBMC is generally used for media center or entertainment hub with digital media, and is supported by various groups of independent volunteers from all over the world. PRISMCUBE provides the rich entertainment choices and the tremendous experience watching TV moments more joyfully with this versatile platform.


PRISMCUBE users will be pleased with the intuitive and beautiful UI (user interface) which is straightforward and self-explanatory. The graphically enriching user interface provides the enhanced usability and at the same time, greater fun in using it. With the growing use of multimedia, motion video and vibrant UI operations become the important elements. The 3D GUI of PRISMCUBE will bring more fresh and captivating look-and-feel. A variety of themes and styles of the skins will be provided and let you enjoy your own style as your preferences.

Add-on programs

In a nutshell, PRISMCUBE brings newly added entertainment to your own living room, as the Add-on programs are constantly being added and updated all times thanks to the independent developers. Simply, a whole new level of fun and convenience is possible with PRISMCUBE. PRISMCUBE is an ideal solution for home theaters, meeting a wide range of your entertainment choices.


PRISMCUBE is also designed to support important standards like HbbTV.
MARUSYS - owned WebKit based HbbTV solution fully meets HbbTV technical requirements.
The futuristic and trendy look of PRISMCUBE, RUBY brings the uniqueness and the freshness to everyday use.
Its external design breaks from the usual monotonous appearance in the set top box field. Its daring approach on the externality harmonizes with the internal features of PRISMCUBE. PRISMCUBE emphasizes originality, usability and high performances internally and externally.
upgrade your TV experiences
to super level!
Add-Ons Dozens of Add-Ons are already downloadable. Our own and/or XBMC independent developers will be developing and adding more Add-Ons. PRISMCUBE is the smartest platform to manage and enjoy Add-Ons.
Movie There are diverse movie Add-Ons that are available freely already. You can easily download Add-Ons such as the Trailers and Youtube, CBS News, etc to get a wide variety of movie content.
Music Music Add-Ons help the atmosphere more fun and exciting. With the freely available music Add-Ons, as well as Add-Ons that are being added even at this moment, you can enjoy your favorite genre of music by choosing from wide selections.
Picture Picture Add-Ons can be very interesting for you as you can get diverse types of pictures through Add-Ons. You will be fascinated with the newly updated pictures everyday.
DVB-S2 TWIN PVR PRISMCUBE is not just an ordinary media player. What makes it more special is that it is a twin DVB-S2 PVR at the same time. With twin tuner inserted, you can record up to two Live TV channels at the same time while time shifting one additional channel.
Easy Mounting of HDD PRISMCUBE is designed very simply for you to make HDD insertion and removal stressfree. Before using the device, just take off screws and insert HDD into the device.
Network PRISMCUBE is equipped with Ethernet and built-in Wi-fi. The device is designed to provide you with easy access to the Internet service. You can enjoy streaming service and web-based Add-Ons on your TV screen any time.
Live Weather Once your device is connected to the Internet and location set up is finished, you can get updates on the weather of your 3 favorite regions from all over the world. You will be able to get hourly forecast, map & alearts, or 10 Day forecast.
Movie PRISMCUBE works great as a media player for you. The device will play your favorite movies in HD quality. With continuously updated & added Add-Ons (youtube, the trailers), you can automatically get information without going through complicated steps.
Music PRISMCUBE can be your music player. You can enjoy your favorite music in diverse look & feel of UI. It gets even better as you can have it as a background when playing slide shows of your pictures.
Picture PRISMCUBE is an excellent device for viewing pictures and slide show. You can sit back on your couch and enjoy your pictures as well as from pictrues from Add-Ons, while listening to your favorite songs.
File Manager When you want to see your pictures, or watch movies saved on your USB and HDD, File Manager menu will help you. You can easily move/copy/delete your media files on USB and HDD or simply play them by pressing "OK" button.
Time Shift Time Shift function is provided to make sure you do not miss any second of your Live channels. Just click the play/pause button or left key button on your RCU when you want to pause the Live channels. And when you restart the channel, Let PRISMCUBE catch up the moments you missed.

Channel List PRISMCUBE provides advanced way of viewing channel list. Depending on your preference, channel list can be viewed based on satellites or your interests. You can personally make favorite group of channels that you watch more often. Add your favorite channels by simply navigation, and enjoy to the fullest.
UPDATES For your better use, we will continuously improve the device firmware. Once your device is connected to the Internet, you can upgrade it with just one click.
First Installation Before use, please take a few minutes to set up your PRSICMBUBE. It has intuitive structure. It is easily designed to follow structure step by step. You will be able to choose your preferable language, video and audio format. You can configure your antenna and satellite setup also. [If you have two satellite signal cable, you can do either separate or loop through. DiSEqC 1.0 can be determined by how many source. (1 source - simple LNB) For your Tuner Control, you can choose from DiSEQc]
Beautiful UI PRISMCUBE has beautiful and captivating look and feel thanks to the Confluence XBMC skin. Trendy look and feel and ease of use of this device will never be found in any other. You will feel fresh and excited every time you use the device.
Easy and Intuitive UI We want to provide you with the relaxing yet exciting TV experiences. In order to do so, PRISMCUBE is designed to operate intuitively. With the straightforwarde UI, you do not have to go through too many clickings to do one single function.

Smart Recording Recording can be made with ease without being away from the live channel. Just click the i button on your remote control and you will see the Live Plate on the bottom. Simply navigate your remote control to click recording button. The indication will appear on the top right of the plate. Another way of recording can be done on EPG. With the "Add Timer" function, you can record both concurrent and following channels.

Skin Great thing about PRISMCUBE is that there are always group of engineers who are working joyfully to improve the skins of XBMC UI. You will never be fed up with the skin as you will have an access to download variety of newer ones. The currently available XBMC skins are aeon nox, confluence, transparency and so on. PRISMCUBE has a plan to encorporate those various skins available with the help of XBMC community.